Organic Certified Product

AQ-SAVE is an active ingredient developed for hair care obtained from100% Italian organic grown Castanea sativa fruits (chestnut).
Thanks to patented enzymatic treatments, Castanea sativa fruits are made 100% bio-available, boosting the cosmetic activities provided by protein, fatty acids and short chain polysaccharides contained in chestnut.

Laboratory tests performed using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) have shown that a 1% w/w AQ-SAVE containing treatment is able to repair the surface of stressed hair as efficiently as synthetic silicones.

AQ-SAVE overlays and repairs the hair surface even when extremely damaged by stressful procedureswith hair styling appliances. A less damaged hair surface, being smoother and flatter, reflects light more efficiently making hair looking better and shinier.

Laboratory tests have shown that AQ-SAVE treated hair retains moisturization better,starting from the first application, up to 30% more than untreated hair.