GSH defense

GSH-DEFENSE contains deglycosylated isothiocyanates from rocket salad, able to induce the production in skin cells of endogenous glutathione tripeptide, effective in strengthening the natural defensive barrier against radicals and toxic compounds, protecting and repairing cells, keeping skin strong and more able to efficiently react to damage.

The high levels of bioavailable isothiocyanates, released in water, are able to increase the content of glutathione in keratinocytes by up to 50%, drastically improving the antioxidant capacity of cell cytosol.

GSH-DEFENSE naturally boosts the inner defenses of the skin, and in vivo tests have shown that it is able to reduce an induced irritation (-20%), acting as an effective lenitive product.


CTFA NAME: Hydrolyzed Eruca Sativa Leaf