Pro Structure

In our laboratories we have identified a particular stage of walnut ripening when the green walnut is particularlyrich inactive principles and reticulating agents for proteins: the structural phenols.

For skin care applications, PRO-STRUCTURE creates new interactions between skin proteinsdue to its structural and binding capabilities. The skin becomes more firm and elastic (+15%) thanks to structural phenolic – protein interactions.

In hair care applications, PRO-STRUCTURE acts as a powerful antioxidant able to make the hair itself an antioxidant, binding the hair proteins. PRO-STRUCTURE ‘s hair protection is long lasting; 3 days after treatment, the hair is still very effectively protected from radicals,maintaininga high antioxidant capacity.

PRO-STRUCTURE is able to preserve the dye molecule, hampering the UV/radical mediated disruption of colours. A hair-care cosmetic formulation containing 1% of PRO-STRUCTURE is able to very effectively protect the hair dye from degradation.


CTFA name: Hydrolyzed Walnut Extract