Spring has arrived in the Emilian hills and the rise in temperature pushes the root of the vine activates the upward circulation of the precious tears of a powerful essence of life: vine sap

Vine sap contains a great vital force linked to the presence of a complex but extremely well-balanced mix of nutritional substances such as mineral salts, amino acids, natural saccharides, polyphenols, organic acids and auxins. This is an ideal cell nutrient and awakens the sleeping buds. This balanced mix of substances, is not only essential for the plant cells, but is also a precious ally in nourishing and stimulating our cells.

In order to effectively transfer vine sap to our skin and hair without altering its properties, we enclosed these precious tears inside plant liposomal systems.

LifeEssence-Vitis is therefore an essential nutrient also for hair and skin beauty.

The in vivo data show that LifeEssence-Vitis is able to improve the condition of the skin, increasing moisturisationand elasticity.

Ex vivo test on hair treated with either the leave-on or rinseoff application of LifeEssence-Vitis showed a notable improvement both in terms of elasticity and in terms of an increase in breakage load. The data show that LifeEssence-Vitis is extremely effective in improving hair condition both leave on and rinse off treatments.