A seed is the nucleus of a new life and contains all the energy needed to generate new plants. This energy is trapped in vegetal oils under the form of triglycerides.

Our new technology of enzymatic activation is able to release all the energy entrapped in vegetal oil. This process allows to break up triglycerides into their constituents (fatty acids and glycerides), creating a completely new phytocomplex.

OleoSoft-4 has been developed applying our enzymatic activation technology to a mix of almond oil, olive oil, linseed oil and borage oil, chosen for their content in different classes of fatty acids.

OleoSoft-4 is able to moisturize the skin, improve its elasticity and reduce stretch marks, being much more quickly absorbed compared with the mix of untreated oils and it leaves the skin far less greasy.

OleoSoft-4 is able to improve hair elasticity, increasing the tensile strength.




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