HYDROPUNTIL is a natural product obtained applying bespoke enzymatic treatment able to reduce the molecular dimension of the Indian fig polysaccharide to enhance the effectiveness of these macromolecules increasing the bioavailability. HYDROPUNTIL is produced using Indian fig caldodes harvested exclusively in Sicily, the product is therefore 100 % Made in Italy!
HYDROPUNTIL was tested on keratinocytes cell lines in order to evaluate the capacity of the products to protect the skin.
Keratinocytes treated with HYDROPUNTIL 1 % (w/w) shown a remarkable increase of the antioxidant capacity of the cell membrane around 180 % indicating that the product is able to increase the radical barriers of the cell. On the same in vitro model HYDROPUNTIL was able to suppress the production of interleukin 1-alpha reducing the pro-inflammatory responses of the cell acting therefore as protectant and anti-inflammatory product.
An instrumental assessment of the effectiveness of HYDROPUNTIL 3% (w/w) shown the product is able to increase skin moisturization of + 27 % and + 35 %after one or two weeks respectively. HYDROPUNTIL was also able to reduce the redness insurgency after a mild irritation induced with SLS of – 37,5 % confirming the ability of the Indian fig phytocomplex to protect the skin.