Organic Certified Product

The biotechnological processes used to produce CRUOX ® make it possibleto recover 100% of wheat bran protective chemistry in a bio-available form. The biocatalysts used cut all the polymeric structures at a molecular level,releasing in the water phase a high content of arabinoxylans and biophenols that are generally covalently linked to the hemicellulose backbones of the bran, and therefore insoluble and not bioavailable.

Time (chrono-aging), UV exposure (photo-aging), etc. might cause a reduction in collagen fibril synthesis, and thustone loss and wrinkle formation on the skin. CRUOX ® is bio-liquefied wheat bran which acts on wrinkles due to its complex and highly bio-available chemistry, reactivating the microfibril synthesis that plumps up wrinkles from inside.

The efficacy of CRUOX ® has beendemonstratedboth for skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle effect on healthy volunteers of both sexes aged from 30 to 50.

+ 33% Viscoelasticity

+ 9% Biological Elasticity

- 21% Average Roughness


CTFA name: Hydrolyzed Wheat Bran