Molecular Bioliquefaction® Technology

A patented technology developed by the Department of Industrial Chemistry and Materials of the University of Bologna exclusively licensed to Phenbiox. This enzyme based technology allow to recover 100% of the plant bioactive compounds in a completely bio-available and active form as water based liquid ingredients.

Stimulated Stem Cell Technology

An innovative process that push plant stem cells to overproduce bioactive compounds to further boost the efficacy of the plant stem cell derived active ingredients.

Oil Enzymatic Activation Technology

Is a bio-catalytic process able to break up triglycerides into their constituents (fatty acids and glycerides) releasing all the energy entrapped in vegetal oil.

Liposomal carrier Technology

Plant liposomal carriers are able to protect active ingredients and boost their bioavailability in order to improve the product performances. Our liposomes are based on plant derived ingredients and are therefore suitable to be used in organic certified cosmetic formulations.









HPLC – UV_vis







IR – UV – vis Spectroscopy  lab