G Cell

G-CELL is an innovative active ingredient based on activated stem cells from grape fruit able to raise the skin’s antioxidant capacity.

Unripened grape fruit cells from specific cultivars were selected and during the liquid fermentation stem cells wereinduced to overproduce interesting active principles such as polyphenols and stilbenes, both in free and glycosylated forms. G-CELL quickly acts on free radicals thanks to the highly bio-available polyphenols synthesized by meristematic cells.

G-CELL retains its antioxidant effectiveness in cosmetics formulations, conferring anti-ageing properties. In-vivo tests performed by applying G-CELL on the skin showed significant effectiveness in enhancing the antiradical capacity of the skin (+ 120%), indicating the highly effective protection provided by G-CELL against free radical aggression that lasts up to 6 hours after application.


CTFA NAME: Water (and) VitisVinifera Fruit Meristem Cell Culture