P Cell

Red peppers have a significant content of several interesting families of molecules, such as capsaicinoids, chlorophylls, carotenoids, polyphenols and flavonoids.We therefore decided to develop a new active ingredient based on stimulated stem cells from red peppers for cosmetic applications, called P-CELL.

Thanks to the data collected in terms of variety selection, dedifferentiation, stimulation processes, stem cell growth rate, chemical composition of the phytocomplex and total antioxidant capacity, a protocol for the production of the red pepper stimulated stem cell culture was developed in order to obtain P-CELL.

During a series of in vitro tests, keratinocytes treated with P-CELL 1% (v/v) doubled their content of protein in just 24 hours.

Treated keratinocytes have an extraordinary amount of extra protein, so P-CELL is impressively able to raise the cell metabolism, therefore increasing cell vitality.

During an in vivo test, skin treated with the formulation containing P-CELL 1% (w/w) showed a net increase of elasticity of 9% in 10 days and of 20% in 20 days with respect to initial values. P-CELL is therefore an ideal active ingredient for face and body products aimed at improving skin quality.


CTFA name: Glycerin (and) Capsicum Annuum Fruit Meristem Cell