Soy Cell

Soy (Glycine max) is very well known for the different activities that its phytocomplex, specially characterized by isoflavones, is able to exert on skin. Soy stem cells were obtained by forcing differentiated soy tissues to return to the undifferentiated form, obtaining a soy callus. Solid soy stem cells were then placed in a fermenter to obtain a liquid culture. During fermentation, the exclusive process of stem cell stimulation was performed in order to forcethe stem cells to overproduce the phytocomplex active molecules.

To further increase the bioavailability of the stimulated soy stem cell phytocomplex, a bioliquefaction® process was associated withthe stem cell stimulation process.

An instrumental assessment of the effectiveness of Soy Cell in improving skin properties was performed.

Skin treated with Soy Cell 1.5% w/w showed a statistically significant increase of firmness + 17.9 % after just 7 days and + 24.5% after 21 days.

Wrinkles were also reduced by

- 10.7 % after just 7 days


- 27.3% after 21 days