Set up in 2006 in Bologna (Italy) by researchers specialized in Industrial Biochemistry, Phenbiox now operates in more than 20 countries worldwide, producing and marketing over 1600 plant-based ingredients for the cosmetics industry, obtained through a number of production technologies.

Scientific Research

Our scientific research makes use of an innovative award-winning model, based on a well-established network of inter-departmental cooperation between a number of university research centres involved in Industrial Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmacology, and Dermatology, to name but a few. This vast network of skills makes our technical-scientific approach highly transversal and effective.

Technological Naturalness

Plant mechanisms are our inspiration and our technology platforms are the method we use to transform plant intelligence into efficacious active cosmetic ingredients. The choice of raw materials and processing techniques means that all our products are Organic or ones that can be used in certified organic formulas. Our production technologies allow us to obtain natural, highly effective and avant-garde products.

«Homemade» and Made in Italy

100% of the products that we put on the market are designed, developed and produced in house, right down to the last drop. This ensures complete control of the entire production process, constant product quality and fast delivery times. All our ingredients are Made in Italy and are infused with the inventiveness and the love for craftsmanship, so typical of Italy.


Just like haute couture, the cosmetics sector needs personalized and highquality raw materials, making us the right partner to work with in devising and producing new ingredients. Our in-house experts can work with your technical and marketing staff throughout the creative process in order to supply truly customized ingredients.