Interested in modulating the skin microbiota? Discover how our active ingredients can support you!

October 16, 2018

Every inch of our skin is populated with thousands of microbial species supporting the barrier function of our skin: this is the SKIN MICROBIOTA.


Our studies have been focusing on how the application of plant derived phytocomplexes can modulate this microbial ecosystem.


The new tools based on Next Generation Sequencing technologies have revolutionized genomic research studies and have enabled us to prove the positive effects of our ingredients on the SKIN MICROBIOTA.  

is an ideal plant cell nutrient as well as a precious ally in nourishing and stimulating our cells and skin microbiota.

is not altering the physiological condition of the skin, helping it in rebalancing the microbiota, reducing imperfections, redness and unpleasant sensations related to acne and dandruff.